stamping and forming

Tool development

Once the requirements of the product have been defined, the most suitable and optimal tool concept is developed. For this purpose, all existing data regarding quality demands, total lifetime, batch sizes and costs are taken into consideration. Upon request, we also propose alternatives which may range from producing a simple prototype tool up to developing a high performance tool, with fast running capability and 100% monitoring by using laser sensor technology. In general, our top priority is to deliver the agreed quality characteristics with the best level of process reliability. Therefore, we constantly update our extensive FMEA to make sure that our experience of many years is always reflected in every single component. By doing so, the continuous improvement loop can be constantly applied in the design of new tooling concepts.

We also offer support for customers during the development of the series part. If both function and application are known, we provide advice with regards to stamping and commercial feasibility.

We can also accept existing CAD data from our customers, since our CAD/CAM system is equipped with a variety of interfaces.