stamping and forming

Quality management

Our company goals which include customer satisfaction, economic feasibility, reliability and timeliness can only be achieved with top production quality.

For this reason, a quality management system was introduced in 1985, which has been based on the guidelines of the German Automotive Industry Association (VDA) since 1994. This system follows the "zero defect" philosophy and uses all the conventional QM methods, therefore providing the tools for a systematic and continuous improvement process which extends over all the activities within the company.

In the meantime, our quality management system has been repeatedly recognized and has been certified according to IATF 16949 [143 KB] and ISO 9001.

Complete product labelling 

which includes batch number and ensures traceability to raw material, while shipping units barcoded according to customer specifications (e.g. according to VDA)

Measurement laboratory (with measuring accuracy up to 1.4 μm)

Featuring optical / tactile 3D measuring machine from Werth, digital measuring microscopes, profile projectors (partially digital), visual inspection equipment, hardness testing and coating thickness measurement