stamping and forming

Precision through and through.

Honestly, no ifs or buts. Anyone who knows us appreciates it.

Since we do not compromise, we can deliver the perfection and quality that our customers demand. Therefore our offer is far more than being a supplier of high-quality products and innovative solutions.

With competence we accompany projects throughout the entire process from specification to product, always at your side. With this holistic know-how, even challenging projects remain optimally managed in one hand. 

That´s why leading global manufacturers from the automotive and electronics industries trust us as experts and solution providers for the really difficult tasks in the stamping sector.

As Julius Haupt GmbH, we not only set the highest standards in technology, but also give our customers added value through competence, experience and short response times.

As a reliable supplier we offer:

  • Quality at a consistently high level
  • Flexibility in fulfilling your specific requirements
  • Reliable delivery dates for your smooth production process
  • Innovative power with a sense for your market
  • Attractive prices for your competitiveness

Company Management: A. Haupt, F. Bruno (from left)