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What standards do you set for your suppliers?

  • Constant high-level quality performance?
  • Flexibility and reaction speed to meet your specific requirements?
  • Delivery reliability to enable trouble-free production processes due to a smooth supply flow?
  • Innovation capability to ensure adaption to future market condition?
  • Highly economic pricing?

Whoever wants to be successful these days will have to satisfy the above criteria. Furthermore: it is necessary to redefine and fulfil the needs of the customer beyond the common certifications and quality standards.

A process-oriented organistion helps Julius Haupt GmbH, owner-run in the third generation, to come up to these goals as closely as possible. Direct communication with our clients, as well as within our team, is our key to a successful co-operation which results in attractively priced and high-quality products.

Whether you contact me or one of our team members – you can always rely on our commitment to ensure prompt assistance.

The challenges of your market are also ours!