stamping and forming – founded 1928

Company history

Our company was founded in 1928 by master tool maker Julius Haupt. In those days we manufactured cutting and stamping tools for the filigree jewellery industry in Idar-Oberstein. In 1953, the production of pressed, punched, stamped and drawn parts was added to our tool manufacturing, mainly decorative parts for the automotive industry (brand marks, type plates, speedometer fingers).

In the middle of the 1980s, our major production interest shifted to technical punch-bending parts. Today, in our new company building that was built in 2001, a staff of approx. 60 manufacures precision parts as well as the related tools and dies for all kinds of industrial branches, particularly for automobile and electronics. Due to our quality, flexibility and reliability, long lasting and stable global customer relations have developed.

short summary


1928 Founding of our company by Julius Haup


first stamping machine


Moved the company to the new adress (Vollmersbachstrasse)


Continuation by Herbert Haupt

1980 und 1987

Company expansions (Vollmersbachstrasse)

since 1990

Continuation by Achim Haupt


first building phase of our additional production site (Albert-Einstein-Straße)


Completion of the second building phase and movement of the company main site to the new adress (Albert-Einstein-Straße)