stamping and forming

To be exact: Julius Haupt GmbH

Many may just punch. We deliver solutions.

Innovation and perfection is what sets us apart: as an internationally active company, we manufacture high-quality precision stamped parts from all metals with material thicknesses from 0.05 mm to 5.0 mm - along the feasibility limit for the highest demands.

There is always a way between specification and product - for our customers often a balancing act between quality and competition. That's why we listen very carefully in order to be able to develop optimal solutions without making compromises. With know-how and visions we accept great challenges - no matter if prototypes, small series or millions of pieces annually: we are 100%.

As your premium partner, we plan, develop and build perfect stamping and forming tools: tailor-made for your very special requirements. And we are particularly efficient: because we can supply any quantity thanks to our wide range of machinery. Guaranteed good, always accurate.

That´s who we are.